Award Winning Fountain With Bomanite Concrete at Cancer Institute Healing Garden

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Close up of the brass words "Every Moment Matters" in the fountain created with Bomanite decorative concrete at the Clovis Medical Center housing the Clovis Cancer Institute.

Besides being a memorable salient slogan for mankind, the words Every Moment Matters are more immediately important to cancer patients and to their loved ones.  California’s Central Valley cancer patients can now avail themselves of the nearby newly built Clovis Community Medical Center.  To receive optimal care they no longer need to travel across the state.    State of the art quality care and providing the right mood for healing and for support are paramount to the Clovis Cancer Institute.  That’s why the focal point of their healing garden is a serene water fountain highlighting those very words: Every Moment Matters.  Bomanite Licensee Heritage Bomanite was awarded the 2018 Best Bomanite Specialty Project Gold Award for the project.

Long view of the fountain created with Bomanite decorative concrete in the healing garden at the Clovis Medical Center housing the Clovis Cancer Institute.

The quality of care offered at the $68 million Community Medical Cancer Institute is superior to any other center currently offered in the state of California and rivals prestigious cancer treatment facilities on the East Coast, according to Dr. Kenneth Forster, the Chief of Medical Physics for Community Medical Center.  What makes the Clovis Cancer Institute remarkable is it’s high-tech and patient-centric upgrades. State of the art PET/CT machines, rare hi-tech MRI machine which is 1 of 6 in total throughout the United States that caters to the claustrophobic patient, Cyberknife and Varian TrueBeam technology for precise treatment with less side effects can be found at this cutting edge facility.

The Clovis Community Medical Center strives to make the patients treatments as comfortable and convenient as possible. The overall aesthetics of the building inside and out make a difference. On a clear day, patients visiting the infusion center can see the beautiful Sierra Mountains along with a view of the Cancer Institutes desert landscaping on outdoor balconies and the base of the building. Colored decorative concrete walkways, outdoor dining areas, mood lighting, green space and a soothing water feature complete the layout.

Some of the seating area around around the award winning fountain in the healing garden created with Bomanite decorative concrete at the Clovis Cancer Institute.

Bomanite Licensee Heritage Bomanite had the pleasure of being involved in creating elements of the landscape designed by Terry Broussard & Associates. Working with Vineyard Pools, Heritage Bomanite built the water fountain by forming all the walls, sourcing the hard to locate epoxy coated rebar and poured the Bomanite integrally colored concrete.  A previous installation 5 years ago of Bomanite Grasscrete Pervious Concrete by Heritage Bomanite, was crucial to the completion of this project.  It was utilized for access to the project area.  Throughout the entirety of the project, fully loaded concrete trucks drove on it, sat on it, and there were no failures.  Bomanite Grasscrete Pervious Concrete Systems proves again its durability, its unconventional emergency access capabilities coupled with aesthetic beauty, and its long lifespan.

Reverse view of the award winning fountain created with Bomanite decorative concrete in the healing garden at the Clovis Medical Center which includes the Clovis Cancer Institute.

The Bomanite Integral Colors consist of colored admixtures and are developed for use in ready-mixed concrete or cementitious toppings. Color added into the mix (white or gray-based cement) is uniform throughout the depth of the concrete, producing durability and longevity of color as the concrete wears the color remains. The product is made of the highest quality pigments, as well as other ingredients designed to enhance the color and improve the pigment dispersion, workability and finishing performance of the concrete. Bomanite Integral Colors can be used with the installation of Bomanite and Bomacron cast-in-place colored, textured and imprinted concrete paving and flooring or utilized for other colored concrete flatwork applications (trowel finishes, salt finishes, broom finishes, rotary finishes), as well as vertical surfaces and other types of architectural concrete. The Bomanite Coloration Systems finish for the fountain was smooth troweled. The brass letters surrounding the top of the fountain remind everyone that Every Moment Matters.


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