Bomanite Bomacron in CMC-Mercy Garden Helps Healing

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Carolina Medical Center-Mercy Healing Garden using Bomanite Imprint Systems with Bomanite Bomacron installed by Carolina Bomanite in Charlotte, NC.

What used to be a concrete jungle adjacent to the emergency room waiting area at Carolina Medical Center-Mercy in Charlotte, NC, is now a beautiful 4,000 square foot garden where loved ones and hospital staff can relax and heal.  The Dr. Sanford and Lois Benjamin Healing Garden is a welcome oasis enhanced and architecturally engineered using Bomanite Imprint Systems with Bomanite Bomacron decorative concrete and installed by Carolina Bomanite.

Bomanite Imprint Systems with Bomanite Bomacron is an important element of the Healing Garden at CMC-Mercy in Charlotte, NC.

Bloc Design, also of Charlotte, NC, turned the space into a tranquil garden designed with intentional and specific elements that aid in therapeutic benefits to all cognitive aspects of a person including emotional, physical, and spiritual.  The serene area has a courtyard, sitting areas, walkways and plenty of landscaping.  The Bomanite Bomacron concrete has multiple textures, colors, and patterns including Bomacron Regular Slate and Bomacron Small Sandstone.  Carolina Bomanite worked carefully with the Landscape Architect in the use of pebbles and stones strategically placed and incorporated into the walkways to provide a tranquil, but easy to navigate setting.  The garden provides restorative opportunities to patients, visitors, and staff.

This Healing Garden is successful because of the use of Bomanite Imprint Systems using Bomanite Bomacron.

A donor wall recognizes the people who supported the donor funded project.  Also prominent in the garden is an outdoor pergola, a vegetated vertical wall (called a Living Wall), focal point sculpture, lush vegetation, and seating.  As stated in this Charlotte Observer article, “The garden is meant to be a healing space where staff and caregivers can take a break and where patients and family members can come to get out of the hospital atmosphere and heal. Patients who are waiting for test results or recovering from surgery may find the garden to be a peaceful environment during stressful times.”

The text used here is a special implimentation of the Bomanite Imprint Systems using Bomanite Bomacron.

The text in the decorative concrete was “etched” into the concrete and Bomanite Con-Color was used to highlight them.  During construction, the location and access to this small area directly outside of a busy hospital emergency entrance created a difficult work environment for the crew.  Most days their trucks had to park two blocks away in a small back lot behind the hospital.  From seemingly chaotic challenges of the construction site emerged a truly beautiful healing garden that features gorgeous decorative concrete for this busy uptown hospital.  Bomanite Bomacron concrete is not only pleasing to the eye, it obviously also helps in the healing of body and spirit.

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