Bomanite Custom Polishing System Enhances Advertising Giant The Richards Group High-Rise

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Founded 43 years ago, The Richards Group has produced award-winning advertising campaigns for some of the most recognizable brands in the world and is known as the largest independent agency in America. Before the advertising giant and its sizable staff of 700 moved into the new 550,000 square foot The Richards Group building near downtown Dallas they knew they wanted the lobby to have a modern sophistication that supported the company’s culture.

Lobby floor view where Texas Bomanite, Dallas TX, installed the Bomanite Custom Polishing VitraFlor System for The Richards Group new office building with a salt and pepper aggregate exposure finish.

Working with Perkins + Will Architects and owner Stan Richards, Bomanite Licensee, Texas Bomanite was called in to provide the polished concrete floor, initially only for the lobby area to greet incoming clients and visitors. After seeing the finished product and realizing the potential of the durability and benefits, the owner decided to incorporate the Bomanite polished concrete system into all the common spaces on 8 additional floors thus substantially increasing the scope of the work.

Polishing decorative concrete during installation using Bomanite Custom Polishing VitraFlor System for The Richards Group new office building.

With the project well under way and in order to meet the General Contractor, Manhattan Construction Company’s established schedule, Texas Bomanite agreed to build the work in 2 phases. This phasing required Texas Bomanite to do the first part of the work prior to the installation of the exterior curtain wall, a highly transparent glass skin that was designed to allow dramatic changes from day to night. Texas Bomanite brought their expertise and a new meaning to “polishing to the edge” while working on floors 11-18, making for some very exciting views for the crew. In total, over 70,400 Square Feet of floors and walkways were polished to a 1500 grit finish with a salt and pepper aggregate exposure complimenting the three-story stairwell atrium and workspaces.

Multiple floors view of common areas of The Richards Group new office building using Bomanite Custom Polishing VitraFlor System installed by Texas Bomanite, Dallas TX.

In designing the new class-free workplace, Perkins + Will created an open work environment that offers endless opportunities for creative collaboration that fit the egalitarian culture at The Richards Group. Each idea was evaluated on only two criteria—how it enhanced the quality of space or the quality of their culture. Polished concrete floors bring numerous benefits for the end user and work well in corporate buildings. Polished concrete is a very dense finished surface with little porosity left once finished. This inhibits the collection of dirt and dust which can be trapped in carpet and become airborne along with allergens and other pollutants. Bomanite polished concrete also “breathes” allowing moisture vapor normally trapped in non-permeable floor finishes or retained in carpet to pass through the system without the potential to encourage mold to develop. Another benefit for Bomanite polished concrete flooring is that it meets all national traction standards providing excellent slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions. The Bomanite Polished Concrete system was the choice for an optimal environment for the company’s culture as well as the health and safety of all employees and visitors.

Texas Bomanite was awarded the 2015 Best Bomanite Custom Polishing Project GOLD AWARD for their expertise and high-rise polishing details while finishing the project under budget and on time.


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