Bomanite Decorative Concrete Creates Beautiful Backyard Resort

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Who needs an exotic vacation condo when you have your own perfect, irresistible backyard resort?  Bomanite Licensee, Concrete Arts, Inc. being the homeowner, wanted a place for his family that showed the creativity and beauty of concrete and its endless possibilities.  These homeowners have lots of concrete reasons to just stay home.  This project received the Bronze Award for the 2018 Best Bomanite Specialty Award.

This project has all of the elements found in the most elegant of resorts.  Working with Landscape designer Mark Huri early on helped with the transformation.  From his experience, Huri knew that with the right layout and a small bit of terracing, it could provide an opportunity to stylize a very special retreat.  The design incorporated a full-size pool deck, cabana, courtyard and waterfall feature.

A view of the Terraces of the Backyard Resort by Concrete Arts showing the steps and landing leading to the main area which are cast-in-place concrete treated with Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Revealed Systems.

On the upper terrace, as you step out the back of the house, you have a BBQ and dining area to enjoy some great sunsets.  At the next terrace level you are greeted with an infinity water feature that cascades down to the main entertaining area creating a beautiful waterfall, providing that serenity of being in the great outdoors.  The steps and landing leading to the main area are cast-in-place concrete treated with the Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Revealed System that is also used throughout the courtyard and pool deck.

Looking down at the water feature, the main area, and the cabana of the Backyard Resort by Concrete Arts using decorative concrete and various Bomanite Systems.

The steps are encompassed by unique hand carved, embossed cast-in-place concrete retaining walls that are 12-14″ thick with top caps done with the Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Antico Process System that is seeded with fine glass to add a bit of sparkle.  The Antico Process works well with lighter colors that are often used for pool decks and other areas where light reflectivity is desired and is comparable in appearance to natural travertine or manufactured cast stone, a perfect complement to the retaining walls.  The wall stone sizes and coloration were chosen to resemble European Castles and provide an old-world charm backdrop for the complete space.

As you step down into the courtyard, slabs of White Bomanite Revealed were cast and surrounded with planting pockets and inlays of grass.  The strips of grass help with drainage and break up the expanse of concrete, while providing warmth to an outdoor living space, to enjoy a rushing waterfall and cozy fire pit, for full relaxation.

The main area and the water feature of the Backyard Resort created by Concrete Arts using many Bomanite Systems of beautiful decorative concrete including Bomanite Exposed Revealed Systems.

Designing so that each area has a different function maximizes space and use.  The Cabana offers a place of protection from inclement weather and brings the feeling of family gathering in the kitchen.  It includes a fridge, gas fireplace and flat screen TV.  Perfect elements for a perfect cozy getaway or summertime party.  The cast-in-place concrete countertop was created with a 4″ edge and overhang.  The surface was hand applied with Bomanite Color Hardeners for additional strength and durability while picking up the hue of the retaining walls.  It was then textured to resemble natural stone with real stone pieces embedded on the corners for a decorative element.

The Outdoor Kitchen inside the cabana of the Backyard Resort created by Concrete Arts featuring Bomanite Imprinted Concrete Systems and Bomanite Topping Systems Overlay - Bomamite Thin Set.

The Interior Cabana floor was created with the Bomanite Imprinted Concrete System using an Integral gray color, stamped with the Bomacron Slate Texture pattern and then antiqued and color washed in a darker gray.  The Cabana walls consisted of the Bomanite Topping Systems Overlay – Bomanite Thin-Set, which was vertically embossed and textured to resemble wood plank using the Bomacron 11 ½” Boardwalk pattern.  The apex of the walls utilized a carved plaster and created relief of over 3″ in some areas and embossed to resemble a cleft stone, all done in a natural gray to compliment the flooring.  Family and friends can enjoy conversation, food, a book or a swim in the great pool.

The pool deck and its coping utilized the Bomanite Revealed System to provide increased surface and slip resistance, a benefit when using the Exposed Aggregate System.  A White Base, hand seeded with Georgia white marble in two sizes and then exposed, produced the surrounding deck that brings light and coolness on a very hot 100 degree summer day.  Bomanite Revealed is available in light-reflective formulations reducing heat island effect, making the pool deck walkable and not hot to the touch.

This backyard resort has something for everyone, whether a pool party, family celebrations, intimate gatherings or just relaxing in the great outdoors.  Bomanite Decorative Concrete can create the look and feel you imagined, welcoming one or all.  A backyard resort like this entices your family to never leave home.


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