Bomanite Sandscape Refined Antico Creates Distinct Decorative Concrete Display

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Close up of star where major conflicts took place at Veterans Memorial Plaza in Carrollton, TX, installed by Texas Bomanite using Bomanite Sandscape Refined Antico decorative concrete.

The City of Carrollton, Texas  is proud to honor our country’s veterans with exhibitions located throughout the city.  The Veterans Memorial Plaza is the newest display and was created to honor veterans across all branches of the military who have served around the world.  Carrollton’s Mayor Kevin Falconer stated, “The purpose of the Veterans Memorial Plaza is to remember and honor those men and women who served and sacrificed in defense of our great nation while we educate future generations about the courage and valor exhibited by these veterans.”

Flag placed over Washington D.C. in a large ground-level decorative concrete map of the world and five illuminated panels that showcase each military branch at Veterans Memorial Plaza in Carrollton, TX, installed by Texas Bomanite.

Featured at the memorial are five illuminated panels that showcase each military branch and a large ground-level concrete map of the world.  The world map design includes bronze stars that highlight where the major conflicts took place with an American flag placed over Washington D.C.  An area of the plaza was raised, allowing visitors to view the memorial from an elevated surface and giving them the opportunity to absorb the history of our nation while remembering and honoring those who have served.

Structural Integrity Meets Distinct Design Aesthetic

Five memorial panels that highlight the military branches with adjacent hardscape surface created with Bomanite Sandscape Refined Antico decorative concrete at Veterans Memorial Plaza in Carrollton, TX, installed by Texas Bomanite.

Bomanite Licensee Texas Bomanite was brought into this special project to create the entire ground-level concrete map of the continents, along with the star decorations within the map.  They installed Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems using Bomanite Sandscape Refined coupled with the Bomanite Antico finishing process to create approximately 3,000 square feet of distinct decorative concrete.

Distinct areas of concrete were created using Bomanite Sandscape Refined decorative concrete with areas that feature a Bomanite Antico finish and areas that feature a sandblasted finish with bronze stars that highlight major conflicts.

Bomanite Sandscape Refined is an architectural exposed concrete with a very fine exposure depth and in this case was paired with the Bomanite Antico process to create a surface with fissures, voids, and other random effects not normally seen with traditional finished concrete.  Sandscape Refined Antico is a unique aesthetically pleasing alternative system that is suited for exterior applications and provides long term durability, low maintenance, and high safety features.

The continents were further distinguished by adding a sandblast finish and the entire map was tinted using Bomanite Buckskin Con-Color to create consistency across the hardscape while adding beautiful coloration that emphasizes the unique textural detail.

Technical Expertise and Exceptional Results

This stunning soldier statue sits within a section of the plaza where bricks are laid in dedication to loves ones who have served in the military at Veterans Memorial Plaza in Carrollton, TX, installed by Texas Bomanite.

From the conceptual stage and specification development right through to a customized maintenance program, Bomanite professionals bring unmatched expertise with superior Bomanite systems.  Bomanite product lines deliver the best possible combination of creative design options and technical expertise.

Texas Bomanite’s goal in constructing the plaza hardscape was to provide structural integrity while maintaining the designer’s intent and creating a unique and stunning design aesthetic.  Their technical expertise, exceptional planning, communication, and execution resulted in an exceptional project.  Former Carrollton Mayor Ron Branson, a U.S. Air Force and Vietnam War veteran, said the memorial will pay tribute to veterans who did not stand by in the face of danger, but instead volunteered to place themselves in harm’s way for the good of others.  The outstanding installation of Bomanite Sandscape Refined Antico earned Texas Bomanite the 2020 Best Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems Project Honorable Mention Award and provided a durable, distinct, and remarkable feature that will honor veterans for years to come.


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