Honeycomb Decorative Concrete Design Made Sweeter By Awards

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Honeycomb 2018 Award winning custom decorative concrete pattern was cast in Place Fishscale Custom Wall Liner Integral Color with Bomanite Sandscape Texture Walkway.

With an eye towards being the centerpiece of Los Angeles’ 2028 Olympics festivities, the Los Angeles Football Club Banc of California Stadium is the latest addition to the master plan for the area around Exposition Park.  The project won Bomanite Licensee Bomel Construction Company the Gold Award for the 2018 Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems Project.  It also won the 2018 American Concrete Institute Award for Decorative Use of Concrete in Construction.  The featured and eye-catching sculpted honeycomb seating element was a contributing factor to the awards as well as to the beauty and success of the project,  To denote the significance of the City of Angels as a place of flight, the Northwest Entrance has an arrival platform called the ‘flight wall” that is wrapped with the unique honeycomb seating.  Bomel Construction Company constructed the cast-in-place concrete wall with a “Fishscale” custom form-liner done with a gray Integral Color to achieve the statement art-inspired piece.  This location being most proximate to the Coliseum is key as an entrance to the building as well as a focal point for park visitors.  Bomel was brought in by PCL Construction Services to install the fine details of the hardscape project list of the well-known prominent designer in the community, Studio-MLA.

Metal Bike Racks are in decorative concrete that is a Bomanite Sandscape Texture Walkway faced by a Cast in Place Wood Textured Wall.

Exposition Park is a collection of world-class museums, educational and sport facilities and entertainment venues.  It is more than just an urban park with outdoor recreational activities.  Within the 160-acre campus, you can experience the fun of science, math and technology at the California Science Center, learn about the diverse cultural experience at the California African American Museum or explore natural and cultural worlds at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, or simply relax in the splendor of the City of Los Angeles Rose Garden.  The landmark Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum offers the excitement of world-class competition.

Concrete Bands pointing to the Banc of Calif LAFC stadium are Bomanite Imprint 11.5” Boardwalk Gray Bands with Bomanite Sandscape Texture Walkway.

The building interior and exterior of the Banc of Calif LAFC Stadium had to stand up to its reputable counterparts.  Studio-MLA developed the exterior site design concept to blend into and complement the existing venues landscaping as well as provide a highly visual and intuitive fan experience.  Working closely with the team owners, design team, and the surrounding communities, Bomel Construction Company helped Studio-MLA transform the 16-acre site into an iconic facility for world class sporting and entertainment events.

These Benches are Bomanite Sandscape Texture decorative concrete and the stairs to the left are plain gray concrete at Banc of Calif LAFC Stadium,

A series of entry plazas, pedestrian walkways, seat walls and stairs, over 150,000 square feet of hardscape, were planned to cultivate the fan arrival experience and contribute to the visual identity of the Stadium for the surrounding community.  There are 125,000 sq. ft of walkways and plazas open to the public.  The Northwest Plaza entrance is designed to serve as an extension of the stadium, offering needed space for fans filtering through entrances while also providing an outdoor eating venue complete with an exterior wood deck for “The Fields LA”; an L.A. based curated food experience.  Imbeds of Bomanite Stamped Concrete using the Bomacron 11.5” Boardwalk pattern in a contrasting gray color connects the two spaces as a short walkway and leads the fans from the deck seating to the entrance of the restaurant.

VIP Upper Deck Lounge and planters at Banc of Calif LAFC Stadium using Bomanite Sandscape Texture 4.5 foot for the Tree Planters and Shrub planters and the Deck Flooring is Precast Pavers.

Studio-MLA expanded the hardscape design above ground.  A publicly accessible rooftop terrace and garden over The Fields LA contains a large flexible event space that extends the Stadium Club Level lobby interior space to the outdoors.  Fans can take advantage of the panoramic views over Expo Park.  The terrace has been designed with a geometrical arrangement of pedestal pavers that are accentuated by a series of large trees set amid lineal planters adrift in crushed stone.  Bomel Construction Company installed the gray Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Sandscape Texture finish to the lineal planters as well as the circular tree planters.  The flexibility of both game day and non-game activities provide year-round engagement for the whole community.

Stadium Gates at Banc of Calif LAFC Stadium featuring Bomanite Sandscape Texture Walkway with Bomanite Alloy Gray Bands decorative concrete.

The pedestrian entrances and walkways, throughout and around the LAFC Stadium predominately used the Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Sandscape Texture System, allowing for low maintenance and a light buff color for solar reflectance benefit.  Bands of the Bomanite Alloy Exposed Aggregate System were incorporated smartly in gray with Clear Glass Aggregate and Mirror Flakes that sparkle and catch visitor’s attention serving as line formations directing fans to the stadium entrances.  Bomanite Sandscape Texture and Bomanite Alloy are both suited exceptionally well for exterior applications— anywhere that improved wear resistance for light-to-moderate-duty vehicular or foot traffic combined with an architectural finish is necessary.  Bomanite Decorative Concrete is perfect for those 22,000 fans emerging in and out of a world class stadium.


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