Rustic Ranch Event Center Shines with Bomanite Polished Concrete

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Bomanite Vitraflor Polished Concrete is perfect for this event center floor

The Chapel Creek Ranch is a formerly working farm dating back to the early 1900s.  The Gaffney and Delisle family began restoration on the old farm house and construction on the large new event building to provide an updated modern look while keeping the farm charm.  The owner contacted Bomanite Licensee, Texas Bomanite to source the best flooring for the event hall that would need durability and down-home country appeal. The details of the venue, from the antique farm equipment placed about the property to the white-washed shiplap in the farm house, add to the rustic appeal of the ranch. The polished concrete system Bomanite VitraFlor was a perfect fit for functionality and complimentary to the style of the updated event center.

Bomanite Vitraflor Polished Concrete is featured on the floor of The Chapel Creek Ranch Event Center.

The new building features large vaulted ceilings, elegant chandeliers and lighting fixtures, and exposed wooden shiplap ceilings and walls, all atop a stunning Bomanite Custom polished concrete floor that is throughout the entire venue. The Chapel Creek Ranch logo was given a rustic design as well. 6,270 Square Feet of concrete was polished to a 1,500 grit with Salt and Pepper exposure. The floor was then sealed to complete the Bomanite Custom Polishing VitraFlor System.  

The VitraFlor system consists of initial grinding, chemical hardening with Bomanite Stabilizer Pro, honing and polishing with protection from Bomanite VitraFinish.  Bomanite VitraFlor is cost effective and low-maintenance, ideal for high traffic conditions.

Bomanite Vitraflor Polished Concrete is the definition of decorative concrete at The Chapel Creek Ranch Event Center.

Bomanite polished concrete flooring meets all national traction standards which in turn means safety for your guests. Third party independent testing has verified the Bomanite polished concrete floor surfaces with the National Floor Safety Institute “high traction” floor rating as per ANSI B101.1-2009. With an average test result greater than .70 (wet) Static Coefficient of Friction, correctly installed Bomanite Polished concrete flooring is very slip resistant in both wet or dry conditions, making it ideal to use for event centers such as the Chapel Creek Ranch.


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