Trivia and History Highlighted by Bomanite Decorative Concrete Systems at Centennial Center Park

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Centennial Center Park is an 11-acre City owned All-Weather Park that is located adjacent to the Centennial Civic Center and continues to be a destination for visitors throughout the state of Colorado. Along with traditional park structures, Center Park features various historical and educational elements. The park’s theme is “100 Years of History, 10,000 years of Human Habitation”. The family-friendly park includes amenities such as a large green amphitheater, educational and unique play areas, three simulated-stone climbing walls,  a large picnic shelter building with a fireplace, a coffee house, and areas that have information peppered throughout about the state in the form of educational boulders and decorative concrete hardscapes that include sandblasted text and graphics about Colorado history.

Centennial Center Park located in Colorado is an educational source with a play park that incorporates several Bomanite Decorative Concrete Systems used to inform visitors about the history of Cherry Creek Basin and was installed by Bomanite Licensee Premier Concrete Services.

Bomanite Licensee, Premier Concrete Services had the privilege to be able to showcase their decorative concrete craftsmanship in this beautiful unique park.  Working with Turner Construction to make the Landscape Architect’s, Design Concepts, plans come to fruition for the city of Centennial, several Bomanite Systems were chosen for the hardscape. Intricate areas of the park incorporate a mix of Bomanite Imprinted Slate Texture pattern that surrounds bands of Bomanite Sandscape Texture and Bomanite Revealed Glass Exposed Aggregate Systems. The Bomanite Imprinted Texture was also incorporated into seat walls for relaxing with family and learning about history.

The main plaza showcases the historical timeline of the Cherry Creek Basin, including fun facts and a map of the Cherry Creek Watershed. The Bomanite Revealed Exposed Aggregate System uses 4 different colors of glass creating a concrete river running through the park. Bomanite Revealed™ is a sustainable finishing option that incorporates a unique binder and color blending process with specialty aggregates that works for projects requiring a highly decorative and durable finish.

Circle of historical facts using Bomanite Decorative Concrete Systems at Centennial Center Park, CO, installed by Bomanite Licensee Premier Concrete Systems.

The amphitheater’s design incorporates elements that represent the four periods of human history: Lithic, Archaic, Formative, and Classic. The “Colorado Statehood Walk” displays interesting facts about Colorado, while the “Viewfinder Walk” is an interactive trivia challenge that takes visitors on a quest throughout the Park– highlighting unique points of interests both inside and outside of the Park. Bomanite Sandscape Texture Exposed Aggregate an architectural concrete finishing option that utilizes specialized concrete mix designs containing select sands and aggregates was the choice for the sandblasted graphics and text in corresponding colors that provided the informational content.

Bands of various types of Bomanite Decorative Concrete Systems at Centennial Center Park, CO, installed by Bomanite Licensee Premier Concrete Systems.

Offering creative designs and coloring options, Bomanite Sandscape Texture produces consistent texture and durable hardscapes that were desirable for the Center Park design. Natural stone such as granite, quartz or marble along with unique aggregates such as recycled glass (used for the concrete river and accents throughout the park) or porcelain are common aggregates of choice for Bomanite Revealed installations. The natural non-skid properties and abrasion resistant aggregates make both Bomanite Revealed and Bomanite Sandscape Texture the perfect choice for entries, municipal or public works projects, hospitals, educational facilities, museums, pool decks, plazas and more.

Not just a place to play, but also a place to learn, Centennial Center Park is a treasure-trove of history and trivia earning them several awards with Premier Concrete Services receiving the 2019 Bronze Award – Best Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Project Under 6,000 Sq Ft. The scope of work included over 1,700 sf of Bomanite Imprinted concrete and over 3,400 sf of Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems.

The Bomanite Decorative Concrete Systems offer a variety of modernized mixes and an unlimited palette of colors, textures and aggregate options to choose from, providing cost-effective solutions that are more durable than ever for your creative artistic expression!


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